Why Bitera

Our strategic advantages such as proximity to business hubs, improved connectivity, and accessibility to a diverse range of resources and services.


Our energy is supplied by PLN, it is dual feed sourced from two different main Substations. It provides high-availability and uninterrupted power supply, with dual path setup all the way to customer racks. Continuous cooling with N+1 redundant precision cooling utilizing SMARDT with Magnetic Air-Cooled Chiller.


Highly-scalable capacity, accommodating over 4.000 racks with 20MW power capacity to meet diverse customer requirements.


A neutral Data Centre facility with 5 points of Fiber Entries (POEs) to the building, surrounded with diverse fibre cables connected to Indonesian Internet Exchange promising low latency, seamless connectivity to our customers.


Multiple layers of physical security checks are implemented to provide suitable security measures in safeguarding the facility. Multiple layers of zoning with strict access from front gate checkpoint to our most secure data centre hall with multiple access validations, such as body and goods scanner, access card, PIN and Biometric Readers with 24x7x365 CCTV monitoring, ensuring safety and security to our customers’ valuable assets.


Designed and constructed with high availability and reliability in mind, we offer the industry leading standard SLA of Five9s for power availability.

Emergency Systems

Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) with Smoke and heat detectors Fire Detection systems with Double-Interlock pre-action sprinklers (dry pipe) Novec Gas suppression system and with Fire Rating of minimum of 2 hours rating.


Full ownership of land and building


Our data center is designed to be neutral, promoting collaboration, integration, and innovation by providing a flexible and adaptable environment for a variety of different applications and services.


Built on commitments to innovative green and renewable strategies that include obtaining REC (Renewable Energy Certificate) from PLN/state own electricity company to supply our facility, and zero water cooling systems by utilizing Magnetic Air-Cooled chiller. Our energy-efficient data center designs is our commitment for sustainability.