At our facility, we provide redundant power and cooling systems to provide continuous uptime and ensure that your equipment is always running smoothly.

We also offer a variety of customizable choices such as cages, suites, and racks, designed to meet your specific budgetary needs. Our direct cross-connectivity with other customers in our ecosystem ensures smooth operations and helps reduce both time and costs associated with managing your IT infrastructure.


By choosing Bitera as your co-location partner, you gain access to our extensive Cross-Connect Services. This powerful offering connects you to our vibrant ecosystem comprising of business partners, content providers, networks, domestic and international carriers, as well as Internet service providers. This connectivity opens up new opportunities and collaborations, enabling you to thrive in a dynamic and interconnected business environment.

Flex Space

Our flex space area within the data center facility designed to provide office-like working environments for personnel or teams.

This space is separate from the main data center floor and is intended to accommodate administrative, operational, or technical staff who need to work in close proximity to the data center infrastructure.

Smart Hands

Our team of experienced technicians is available 24/7 to provide a range of services, including remote support, hardware reset, cabling and patching, monitoring and simple troubleshooting. Whether, you need help with routine maintenance or complex technical issues, our Smart Hands service can provide you with the expertise you need to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly.