PRESS RELEASE- Celebration of energization and Handover of Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) from PLN to Bitera

[Jakarta, December 2023] - In a momentous occasion that underscores the commitment to excellence in power provision and sustainability, PLN and Bitera is thrilled to announce the successful energization of the 59.8 MVA Premium Ultimate Electric Power Service, alongside the official handover of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) guaranteeing 100% coverage of this prestigious service to Bitera.

Premium Ultimate Electric Power Service

The 59.8 MVA Premium Ultimate Electric Power Service represents a pinnacle achievement in power supply solutions. Engineered to provide unparalleled reliability, efficiency, and sustainability, this service is poised to revolutionize the data center industry by offering an uninterrupted power supply, ensuring optimal performance, and minimizing carbon footprint.

Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)

In the ceremony, PLN officially presented the RECs for the 59.8 MVA Premium Ultimate Electric Power Service to Bitera. RECs are a groundbreaking innovation introduced by PLN in the energy sector, aimed at boosting the proportion of clean energy in Indonesia to 25% by 2025. By embracing this initiative, Bitera demonstrates its dedication to promoting sustainable development, particularly within the realm of green energy. The certification signifies a remarkable partnership between the two organizations, united in their commitment to delivering premium, sustainable power solutions.

Tedy Harjanto, CEO of Bitera, commented on the significance of this partnership: "At Bitera, we have a deep commitment to sustainability and efficiency. We source renewable energy, provide advanced cooling technologies, employ cutting-edge recycling and waste reduction methods, also actively seek out opportunities to further reduce our environmental impact. This collaboration with PLN is a testament to our shared values, and we are thrilled to provide our clients with a data center that is not only technologically advanced but also environmentally conscious”.

“As a step towards realizing Indonesia Net Zero Emissions in 2060, PLN continues to transform and is committed to distributing green energy throughout the archipelago. PLN's Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) is one of PLN's green product innovations to make it easier for customers to gain recognition for the use of internationally recognized EBT. Throughout 2023, to be precise until October 2023, PLN UID Jakarta Raya has released 244,442 REC sheets or the equivalent of 244,442,000 kWh. One of PLN's REC users is of course Bitera, which is committed to using green energy,” said Lasiran, General Manager of PLN UID Jakarta Raya.

PLN serahkan sertifikat REC ke Bitera kejar peningkatan energi bersih - ANTARA News

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